Not a Blind Policeman At All

“Nightblind” is an enjoyable read about the shooting (and eventual murder, no spoiler here) of a police inspector and the efforts of his subordinate to find the shooter. It is somewhat different in that there are six POVs (points of view) through which the imperfect lives of some of the people involved are told. The author dropped a number of clues along the way which are used to wrap up the case in an Agatha Christie type of inscrutable logic manner. Icelandic investigations are lax compared to most American investigations, but there is a sense it might be more a case of big city versus small town investigative techniques. While I enjoyed the intricacies of the personal stories of the characters involved, there are times when I wondered, “well what does that have to do with the crime?” But in the end, understanding the nature of people is important on some level to get behind Police Office Ari Thor Arason and his investigation. Somewhat unique. A solid four from me.


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