Because sometimes it takes words that might also have rhythm and rhyme to tell a good tale.

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Poems for a Platypus

“Artistically delightful. Incredibly creative. ” – B. L. Jensen

What a find!” – Ann

“They’ll make you smile, laugh, or reflect.” – Calsea

Poems for a Platypus is not a Detective Stark mystery, but he makes a guest appearance. Little did anyone suspect that he wrote poetry. This book was published April 2, 2013.

A platypus is an amazing creature whose habitat is fading, but they do like Bylina’s poems and haiku. Come read their favorites. For the first week April 2013, “Poems for a Platypus” was the #1 bestselling poetry book in the Australian/Oceanian marketplace and 12th overall in the U.S. for 20th Century poetry. Who’da thunk it?

Here’s an example.


Platypus Playing

Fun and delightful

Eating, swimming, and mating

A life never dull


Now go and enjoy their world.

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Haiku for a Hedgehog

“Haiku for a Hedgehog” is not only a book with haiku, but with poems of multiple styles and is scheduled to be released in April 2017, just in time for poetry month.

Here’s an example.


Hedgehog Hibernating

Sleeping and dreaming

What to eat and where to hid



Now go and enjoy their world.

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