Because according to the website building instructions, this page should contain mostly fixed, timeless content unlike the dubious dribble I’m liable to write in blog posts. I’ll try to avoid messy dribble and pen life experiences that matter.

I write, what I hope are, timeless novels. For now, they are in the mystery genre, but that will change. You’ll also discover that I write short fiction in multiple genres, poetry that mostly rhymes (old school), and even some non-fiction (like my memoir about seventeen months working in a grocery store as a senior citizen). Like most authors, I use my life experiences as story fodder only bending the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Life included growing up as the middle child (until my baby sister came along thirteen years later) in the middle of the baby boom with copious playmates in a homogeneous middle-class neighborhood sharing the same doubts and aspirations as those around me despite the many roads we were destined to travel. All this means is that readers should not expect some inner city, magical realism, angst-filled epic that occurs on a stifling hot July day and told from the point of view of a transgender Hispanic woman with an Uzbekistan lover on the lam from Bhutanese monks who need the lover’s blood so they don’t turn into mindless zombies in two days hence and be unable to ever reach Nirvana. I’d like to write that story, but my tenuous grasp of the many nuances to make these lives come alive would cause me to be laughed at more than I already am–and not in a good way.

So, view my world from three different perspectives.

Working ExperiencesBecause sometimes it takes a lot of unique working experiences to spin a good tale.

Volunteer ExperiencesBecause volunteering, giving something back, allows you to experience your humanity in relationship to the human experience of others to help create a tale.

Where I’ve livedBecause living in several different places gives you perspectives you might not have had otherwise to tell a meaningful tale.


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