On Writing

Do you ever feel a bit like Scarlet O’Hara asking Rhett Butler for help, “Where will I go? What will I do?” and getting, “Frankly, my dear. I don’t give a damn.” Well, unlike Captain Butler, I do give a damn, and I’ll try to help with your writing. “After all, tomorrow is another writing day.”

I’ve collected a lot of writing resources over the years. Some of these might be useful as you apply the art to your writing. I have more potentially valuable information on the old blog that I no longer update. Static but still valuable information remains for ever in cyberspace. You may find something of value there also.

Da GuidelinezBecause sometimes you need help to spot problems when trying to tell a good tale.

List of ListsBecause sometimes you need inspiration to tell a good tale.

Counting WordsBecause sometimes you need to know how deep the swamp is to tell a good tale.

Otherwise, whether a panster (who just adores NANOWRIMO) or a plotter (who can’t live without Scrivner) just enjoy the writing process. Surprise yourself.


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