Book Review – Talking to Luke

Luke, I am your Lover

Full Disclosure. I purchased the book to support where the proceeds would be going—animal rescue. I’m not a reader of most love or paranormal stories, and have a hefty skepticism regarding ghosts. However, if you are into paranormal romance, this is a five-star book for you. I did find the protagonist, Tania, a bit too reluctant (dense) to accept the realities (real and paranormal) of what was happening around her. Her foot-dragging made the story grind a bit for me in places. The paranormal science was well done and explained nicely what Tania believed was happening as she was pulled ever deeper into her paranormal research, whether it be for research or her own personal survival. The ending, which I could see coming from early on, did stretch the bonds of the suspension-of-disbelief for me. All-in-all, well done without the messiness of some self-published books. A sold four from me.


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