It’s All Happening at NCWNFC!

I attended the North Carolina Writers Network fall conference in Raleigh, North Carolina the past three days. My head hurts, but I learned much, and now I’m torn:

  • start editing so I don’t forget all about subtext.
  • drink long and hard to kill brain cells and build weird, new synaptic connections.
  • catch up on my sleep.
  • leave the writing cave and market as I’m supposed to be doing:
    • Create a website. check.
    • Create a blog. check.
    • Blog. Duh! What do you think I’m doing.
    • Re-connect with:
      • old business associates
      • high school friends
      • college friends
      • military friends
      • writing colleagues
      • friends
      • fishing buddies
      • family (at least those who still speak to you)
      • neighbors
      • the list goes on.
    • Use social media
      • Facebook. check.
      • LinkedIn. check.
      • Twitter. check, but under-utilized
      • Snapchat. What the heck is that?
      • Google+.
      • the list goes on.
    • Spend time in front of an audience (any audience)
    • Tap into Meet-ups.
    • Tap into Book Clubs.
    • Never miss an opportunity to read.
    • Never miss an opportunity to participate in any writing activity.
    • Put bumper stickers on cars.
    • (My wife wants me to paint a logo on the car.)
    • Drop business cards like snowflakes. (I’ve been known to put them into envelopes when returning bills.).

Whew! I’m exhausted. <sips chocolate milk–the hard stuff> Maybe after a nap about the subtext of this blog I’ll get to the marketing, and then I’ll write a book about the book I didn’t write because I was marketing a book that really needs to be edited for subtext.


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