The World According to Rick

…Or at least some of it. Kill All Cats continues to get good reviews. I’m looking around for venues to give readings, get reviews, and entice book clubs to read the book. Heck. It should be an easy one for book clubs because Kill All Cats has book club questions already in the back of the book.

As a self-published author, I’m always on the look-out for relevant articles. This article hints (or states plainly) that only forty self-published authors have made it big. I don’t need to make it big; I just need to be able to eat at Golden Corral once a week on my earnings.

With approximately 25,000,000 books on Amazon, making enough waves so that readers that would enjoy Kill All Cats can find it is a daunting and constant marketing battle, especially to get past the friends and family platform. Won’t you join in the that battle with me? Tell friends of friends about Kill All Cats. Put up banners that shout the title. Ask the New York Times when they are going to review it.

The week ahead is filled with more writing, more reading and reviewing, and a colonoscopy. Yep, that’s fertile ground for another story. Just use your imagination.


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